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A Perfect Savannah, Georgia Engagement Session

A Little About Emily and Mac

Before we talk about the perfect Savannah Engagement Session, I want to share a little about the couple that made it possible. Emily and Mac currently live in Savannah, Georgia. But that’s not where their story starts. These two went to the same college but didn’t actually meet each other until Emily moved to Atlanta. She had a party to celebrate her new apartment and her roommate introduced her to Mac. They have been inseparable ever since.

These two love to ride their bikes around in Savannah, grab food and drinks in downtown, spend time on the water with their friends, and hang out with their dog Sadie. Basically, they are living my version of a dream life.

The Not-so-Perfect Part of their Engagement Session

I consider this session a perfect session because, in my opinion, it captures their love for each other AND Savannah. However, the days leading up to the session were not so perfect. Mac was actually STUCK in Key West the day before the session. Want to see what true love is like? Keep reading.

Mac was in Key West for a friend’s bachelor party. I was on the road headed towards Savannah when Emily texted me. The plane that took off before Mac’s plane messed up the runway. Key West has a small airport and only one runway. Mac was on the tarmac but couldn’t get home. He got a BUS to Miami. If you’ve never been to that area, that bus ride takes HOURS. He finally got to Miami, got a plane, and headed home to Savannah. He arrived the morning of the session and still nailed our extra long engagement session.

I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I felt that he went through all of that for their engagement photos. And I know Emily had to be even more grateful to him!

The perfect Savannah Engagement Session

Once everyone was in Savannah and ready to go, it was time to meet them for photos. We started the session at Wormsloe Historic Site because that’s where Mac proposed. Their dog Sadie was with them during the proposal and they wanted to incorporate her into their session, so this seemed like the perfect spot for that.

After spending a few minutes at Wormsloe, we headed out to Downtown Savannah. We hit a lot of spots for their Savannah Engagement Session because I wanted to make sure their session told their own story. And since they love Downtown Savannah as much as I do, we made sure to take photos there. We walked around the beautiful Savannah squares, went to a rooftop for the views, and finished the downtown portion of the session with drinks from the Little Duck Diner. (One of my personal favorite restaurants).

Emily wanted to end the session by the marsh and sunset and I thought that was a PERFECT idea. (See? I told you this was the perfect Savannah Engagement Session). She brought some things for a picnic and, of course, popped some champagne to celebrate. The sky was beautiful, the water was beautiful, and these two are CLEARLY beautiful.

It was a dream to photograph them during this time and I can’t wait for their wedding next year.


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