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A Newnan Foodie Branding Session

Meet Katy from ‘What We Are Having’

Katy and I have known each other for years. So, when she started her instagram all about food, I was so excited to follow her. Katy shares SO MANY AMAZING recipes on her instagram and since cooking has never been a strong suite for me, I’ve been loving the content. She is a foodie in Newnan, Georgia and we talked about her headshots and branding session for a few weeks before we made it happen. We planned out what she was hoping for out of the photos. We knew a charcuterie board was key for this. I’m here to let you all know that Katy makes a damn good charcuterie board. Not only is it gorgeous, but so tasty. The best part? We got to eat it after we finished the photos.

Katy not only shares recipes, but she also shares cocktails, her favorite IPAs, and pieces of her life. Her personality is so fun and since her brand shows off that amazing personality, I wanted to make sure we took plenty of fun photos to showcase that. So as you scroll, you’ll get to know Katy a little bit just from how much fun we had during these photos. We were also able to grab a fun shot with her husband and with her son. Plus, my husband came along and he’s a ham. So, he had to make into at least one photo during this. Luckily, Katy was here for it.

Planning the Newnan Foodie Branding Session

There are 3 main conversation points when planning any photoshoot. 1. Location. 2. Outfits. 3. Props. This discussion tends to go into a lot more depth for branding sessions. I like to get as many details about a brand before the session. It’s important to understand why the photos are needed and what the photos will be used for. The why is usually for promotional use and the what is usually for social media, websites, flyers, and other marketing materials.

For the location, we knew a kitchen background would make the most sense. However, neither one of us have grand kitchens that we thought would be pretty enough for photos. Luckily, our friend Chelsea (you make recognize her from her own branding session here) let us use her beautiful home with a perfect kitchen for this session.

For the outfits, it’s important to choose clothing that you feel confident in and that work with your brand colors. Katy brought a few options and we narrowed them down based on the colors and the fit of each piece. We talked about styling options as well. What jewelry to wear, what shoes to wear, and the order of each outfit. It’s a process up front, but always worth it during the session.

For the props, we want to showcase tools that Katy would use on a regular basis to run her business. In this case, it’s food and cocktails. Which is a total win for me as the photographer since she shared it all with me afterwards.

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