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Five Signs That You Need a Wedding Planner

Wedding season is upon us!  For most of my SAPPY brides, unfortunately this can mean some hectic times are on the horizon.  While it is an investment to decide on a planner, there are many reasons why you may want to let a planner take the wheel when it comes to gearing up for your big day.  Because it can be a confusing decision, that I have personally seen many brides struggle with, I have decided to put together this definitive guide. So how do you know if you need a planner?  Let’s take a deep dive into your story to find out:

Most SAPPY brides have never been married before.  If you happen to fall into this category, all of the planning and work that goes into a wedding may be new to you, and that is okay!  From timelines to floral choices.. From food and beverage options to the proper execution of a wedding processional, there is so much that your planner can take off of your plate. Not only can a planner help you make choices and negotiate with your venue and vendors, but they can also tell you exactly where you need to be as you navigate the timeline on your big day.  I usually find that they are also a huge help gathering family members for family formal photos–which means more time for bride and groom portraits!

I know this may seem a bit counterintuitive… Why spend more money when you’re on a strict budget? Well, a planner knows how to stretch that budget. They can help you determine the best areas to cut your spending and identify the areas where more of your budget should be invested, and that can be a major budget saver!

This one is HUGE!  While we all love binge-watching Bridezilla, most of us know that it paints a pretty unrealistic picture of what planning actually looks like.  

Most venues are not going to set up your decorations for you. And a lot of times, your friends and family are busy celebrating the day and getting ready with you. That means that oftentimes there is no one to set up and decorate for your wedding!

 Having a planner changes all of that. Some planners even bring in extra members of their team to set up. If your ceremony and reception are both taking place at the same venue, you will need someone to flip the room during cocktail hour so your guests have a place to eat dinner after you say, “I do!” This is a perfect job for the perfect planner!

If you and your honey are planning on a short, sweet engagement… you will have less time to plan all of those important details.  It’s a pretty simple rationale, but it couldn’t be more true. If you are planning to say “I do” within a year of your engagement, a planner will really come in handy.

I want to start by reassuring you that it is absolutely okay if you do not have this one hundred percent figured out!  That is what planners are for! An excellent planner is there not only to flawlessly execute your vision, but to help you begin to envision an event that captures the magic of your love story.

If you have not yet decided on your color palette, general style or theme– and can’t seem to find anything that fits just right, a wedding planner can surely come to the rescue.

Your trained and experienced wedding planner can take subtle cues after speaking with you both to suggest options you will love… so that your dream wedding becomes a reality.

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