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How Connecting With Other Brides Can Help Get You Wedding-Ready

Hello, beautiful SAPPY brides!  This week, I have been focusing on togetherness and really working to achieve a sense of community with all of my wonderful brides.  I understand that it is about so much more than the comfort you feel in knowing your photos will be gorgeous– you are busy ladies! While you are planning, searching, wondering, and getting wedding ready, it can be a wonderful and rewarding experience to have that community there to support you.  

That is why I have planned to unveil a big surprise for you all!  This month, I will be launching a Facebook group for my SAPPY brides to learn each other’s stories, answer each other’s questions, and receive exclusive updates and posts from yours truly!

So without further adieu, here are a few reasons why connecting with other brides can make all the difference during your wedding planning:

1. You’ll get ideas

One thing I always admire so much about my brides is all of the beautiful and original ideas they have for decor, themes, and planning tools that help them tell their stories!  From beautiful sample wedding timelines to thoughtful and creative cakes, props, and lighting… I have seen it all from my wonderful SAPPY brides.

While thinking about community, I couldn’t help but wonder how magnificent it would be if all my brides could share their glorious ideas with one another.  I am so excited to see the result.

2. You’ll get support

The main mission of the SAPPY Brides group will be to offer support for my brides.  While you will all be able to answer each other’s questions about venues, vendors, and more… I will also be delivering exclusive content curated specifically to cater to your needs as a bride-to-be.  From how-to’s to frequently asked questions, we will cover it all.

3. You’ll share your story

One of the most inspiring elements of your weddings, for me, is hearing your beautiful stories, and sharing a role in telling them.  I can not wait to hear all your stories within our new space! I know that reconnecting with your story when you are facing the challenges of planning can be so centering, and I can’t wait to see you all inspire one another!

4. You’ll make lifelong friends

This element of our group’s mission is so near and dear to my heart, because it is so grounded in truth!  I say this all the time, my brides really do become my best friends, and it is so true!

I am so excited to share this aspect of what I do with all of you, and witness the joy that it brings.  




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