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An Early Anniversary Session in Rosemary Beach

I met Alissa and Matt a little over a year ago when Alissa inquired with me to photograph their wedding in Charleston, and I knew we were a good fit for each other instantly.  We met in downtown Newnan for drinks, and talked about all of their dreamy wedding plans. The two are such a fun and goofy pair, and we hit it off right away.

Alissa and  Matt are the type of people that you feel you have known forever.  They are such warm and inviting pair, and are just a joy to be around.   

During their engagement session, one memory really stuck with me: Here is a beautiful couple enjoying their first real wind of wedding bliss, and amidst all the excitement, what do they do?  Pick up other people’s litter and dispose of it properly! My type of people. The two are seriously just so sweet and generous with their time and care.

Their wedding was absolutely incredible, and their spirits were so amazing the entire time. They have amazing friends and family that came to see them tie the knot and you could just feel the gratitude radiating throughout the space.

I always say that what makes a great marriage is an underlying great friendship, and you can really see that Matt and Alissa have that. They love to laugh together, have fun together, and take care of each other, and it makes for effortlessly beautiful sessions. The duo moved to Rosemary Beach for Matt’s job last year, and they are loving the fact that they basically have a beach in their backyard!

 I keep up with the two on Social Media, and have been able to witness so much of their joy through their stories.  One that really sticks out in my mind is the time that Matt and Alissa’s best friend got together to surprise Alissa with a visit. They just walked right into their front door, and you could see the pure joy in Alissa’s eyes as she welcomed her friend.  It’s that kind of thing that makes them such a good couple. They strive to make each other happy, and I love following along with their life.

 Since Joel and I were in Panama City Beach in April, we decided to take their anniversary photos a little early. Technically their one year anniversary is in August, but we just got ahead of the game! We spent our morning in the sand,  and then walked around the beautiful town of Rosemary Beach.


A Note to the SAPPY Couple:

Working with you over the past year has been an honor, and becoming your friend has been a joy.  I am so happy to see you two living such a beautiful life together, and as for advice? Keep being goofy.  Keep being silly. Savor every moment, and be each other’s’ best friend. It is impossible not to see the love you two share, and I can’t wait to see what is in store for you.  

XOXO Staci


Here’s a short video from their session:

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