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Starting the New Year (In High Resolution)

I have no words for how beautiful my 2018 turned out to be, and I have no doubt that 2019 will bring some serendipity and joy as well– all on account of my wonderful clients.  This year, I have really put some thought into my goals for 2019, and since our SAPPY community is so close-knit… I just knew I had to share them with you.

As your friendly neighborhood photographer, I thought it would be appropriate to deem this the year of high resolutions (ha, get it?) And that is because I am not only aiming to become my best self, but to bring all that and more to each session to truly be the best me that I can be… so I can capture the best you.  I swear: that’s really how it works!

So without further adieu, here are my top five goals for the year!  I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

  1. Make this house a home!

As many of you know, my husband, Joel and I are very sentimental people.  I mean, well- up-at-weddings, cry-at-commercials kind of people… and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Some of my SAPPY couples may also know that Joel and I have been renting our little home together since we first decided to turn two I’s into a single “We”.  After plotting and planning, visualizing and dreaming– we have decided that there is no way to leave all these memories behind. That’s why we have decided to buy our sweet little house, and make it our own

A breakfast nook where we once shared our first pot of coffee, a big farmhouse table where we once shared takeout in our empty place… I guess our dream for the future is wrapped up in the same magic that twisted our pasts into a singular present.   

It’s the same wish I make for every one of my SAPPY couples on their big day:  May you make a home that is at once sheltering and welcoming. May you take your common ground and use it to build a future– and never forget that your home is truly made within one another.  

It’s time we make our wish come true!

2. Find my wellness

You may have heard me talk once or twice about how self care is much more than hitting the treadmill, losing a few inches, or getting a mani-pedi.  I am always wishing for wellness for my brides, and it is time I commit to this vision for myself as well. In a world that is so full of pressures to be perfect despite the toll it may take on your mind, body, and soul–  I have decided that it is more important to be the best me for myself and for my clients. I am taking extra steps to be kind to myself and to my body, and I am so excited to share my newfound energy with my clients.

3. Satisfy my wanderlust

This resolution is one that is tried and true, as I commit to traveling at the start of every year.  I think it is so important to see new places and experience other cultures… for mind, body, and soul.  

While the artist in me is driven by curiosity and beauty, the sentimental storyteller is moved by learning new history, meeting new people, and discovering the charm of a new place.  I hope to learn so many new things, and capture images that will inform my work back home.

I can’t wait to share the best souvenir with my clients: the fresh perspective that comes from exploration.

4. Live minimally

One of my favorite expressions from 2018 is as follows: Love people, and use things.  Because the opposite never works. While I am sure everyone is with me in the thought of decluttering their new year (Hello, Marie Kondo anybody?), I really want to take this sentiment to the next level in 2019.

Like many of us, I often find myself so surrounded by things I don’t need (there is a fine line between sentimental and hoarder, everybody…), and they not only clutter my home but my mind!  

This year, I am vowing to live a life that is minimal in excess… but maximizes the things that matter.

5. Eat, pray, love

This year, I am vowing to season my life with love!  In my classic SAPPY style, I am vowing to cook and bake meals that bring my family together, and allow us to find joy in the little things.  

There is nothing more wholesome than breaking fresh baked bread with the one you love, mastering Great Grandma’s pecan pie, or nurturing someone’s soul with a soup you stirred all day long…

Honestly, life is short enough without constantly speeding it up!  I have spent many years skipping breakfast, flying through drive-thrus, and just adding water… It is time to slow down and savor every moment.

In line with my goals of treating my body right– and living minimally… I am determined to finally fall in love with food.

So, with all of these resolutions, you may be wondering what you can expect from SAP in this new year.  Here are some personal missions that will be bigger and better than ever in 2019:

  1. Tell your story.

As always, I am committed to telling your story.  This year, I will be putting the focus on highlighting the things that make my couples unique within every session.  You can expect to see some new themes within my work… because this year the theme is you.

This may mean customizing your engagement session to look like your first date, or creating family sessions inspired by authentic moments and favorite memories.  You will be setting the stage this year as I trade props for heirlooms, and tell your story from the beginning– and that means with you.

2. Be SAPPY.

You will hear me use this term a lot this year, as it embodies everything our brand stands for.  At Staci Addison Photography (or SAP for short), we know that a SAPPY bride is a happy bride. Now, more than ever, you will see this verbiage in the forefront of everything we do, and that is because the best thing about this brand is YOU.  

3. Show and tell.

I am hoping to connect with you this year more than ever, and that means doing some video journaling with you all!  This year, I have learned so much from tutorials, YouTube channels, and personal vlogs…as I am sure we all have… and I can’t wait to use these mediums as a way to create a haven for my brides and grooms.

So much goes into planning and enjoying your dream wedding, and I am working to create some videos that delve into the ins and outs of your journey.  This year, you can expect content that is designed to support you through your journey, as we work together to tell your story.

4. Be a social butterfly.

Social media plays a huge part in how I connect with my clients, and this year you can expect to see SAP on your feed more than ever!  

Because we know sharing is caring, the SAP family will be even more committed to staying present in the moment with you, utilizing every post to tell complex and layered stories so we can all cut down on mindless scrolling, and use these platforms as a way to truly connect.

5. Live and learn.

As you may know, I am honored to serve as a leader for the Rising Tide Society,  an organization all about community over competition, dedicated to lifting others up  within the creative industry. This journey started last year, and it has been more than rewarding for myself and the community I am so happy to call home.

This year, you can expect amazing meetings and events. We meet once a month and share our experiences and best practices for small businesses. I am so excited to bring lessons learned into every single SAPPY relationship, and provide a nurturing environment for local creatives, dreamers, and small business owners.

Thank you for sharing in 2018 with me, and all the years to come.  I can’t wait to see what this journey will bring for us.


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