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Turnip Seed Nursery Engagement Session | Fayetteville, GA

Meet Kelley & Josh

I have known Kelley for a few years now. And over that time, I’ve heard plenty of stories about her other half, Josh. So, when she told me they got engaged, I GOT SO EXCITED FOR HER! And then… she showed me her ring! And then I plotted all the ways that I could steal it from her. Just kiddinggggggg! But, it’s seriously stunning!

So, when she booked me to be her wedding photographer, I’m pretty sure I actually, literally jumped for joy. And immediately starting thinking about their engagement session! We talked over things and decided that Turnipseed Nursery in Fayetteville, Georgia would be the perfect location for her session! And we were right!

I was so excited to meet Josh, and Kelley’s daughter, Skylar! We all three walked around Turnipseed and it was basically a double win for them because their engagement session doubled as a family session! Skylar loved being in front of the camera! And, she even decided during the session that she wanted to be a photographer too! 

We talked about their wedding that is coming up in October and we laughed and played and just had a great time taking their engagement photos. I can’t wait to see what a beautiful bride Kelley will make and what a handsome groom Josh will make! I know it’s going to be a beautiful wedding! 

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