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5 Reasons Why You Need To Date Your Photographer (Before You Get Married)

I know it is a strange concept, but think of it this way:  did you meet your significant other and decide right away to get married?  Most of my couples will say “Of course not!” Each of my brides and grooms have learned so much about their partner from the first date to their final point of commitment, and agree that the time spent together in the beginning is both precious and invaluable.

I truly believe that it should be no different when getting to know your wedding photographer.  Before signing any contract (or tying the knot, so to speak)– your photographer should be courting you, learning your story, and sweeping you off your feet with all they have to offer.

No one can deny that the world is changing.  Modern technology allows us to get to know each other faster, connect with others instantly and stretch our voices out across thousands of miles to our loved ones far and wide.  We can “pin” our ideas to boards that live in our pockets, and share images in a matter of seconds. We compare prices, get quotes, and conduct important research all from the palm of our hands!

While I am grateful for living in an age where human connection has been streamlined, I am still a bit old-fashioned at heart. I sincerely think that nothing– no message, no email, no booking application– can compare to the romance and the sentimentality of that first date.

Whether we decide to meet up for coffee or drinks, in the park or in your home– the time I spend with my couples in the beginning is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.  

If you are still unconvinced, here is my list of five reasons why you need to date your photographer before you get married:


At the end of the day, the right photographer will act as a storyteller, and this is your story.  Learning their photographic style or storytelling voice is such an important part of finding “the one”. If you and your significant other are super goofy class clowns, for example, and that is a big part of your love– you will want to make sure your photographer does not pride themselves on their victorian style stoic portraiture.


Just like with the love of your life, your ideal photographer will share that special chemistry that makes your heart *shutter*.  All photography puns aside, this element plays such an integral part of your working relationship because all of your photos will, on some level, reflect that chemistry– or lack thereof.  Your wedding photographer should be able to finish your… sentences! This will help them to capture you in your best light, and intuitively know your best angles and sense your style and mood for each photo.


From that first moment of yes to your big day, we know you have been pinning, planning, and fantasizing about every element of your wedding.  Your photographer needs time to meet with you and go over all of that inspiration. Remember that after every floral arrangement has been expertly styled, and every dress has been lovingly fitted, hemmed and altered– the final product that you have to span the years is the collection of photos of these moments.  Your photographer needs to share your vision of your perfect wedding day, so that your vision can be flawlessly captured exactly as it appears in your mind’s eye.


Picture your perfect wedding album, adorned with tender and intimate moments.  Now ask yourself this: how comfortable are you in the presence of strangers? In front of the lens?  One of by biggest missions with my new couples is to meet with them early on and often– before all of the hectic planning has begun– to establish the trust and comfort that allow my couples to be candid and comfortable in front of the lens.  Believe me, how comfortable you are with your photographer and with the camera will have a huge impact on your photos!


I can not stress this enough– you need to fall in love with your photographer.  I would describe this process as the union of all the other aspects: learning their voice and style, sharing your love story and creative vision, recognizing that perfect chemistry, and building trust and getting comfortable. You know what they say, “When you have found the one… You’ll know it!”  

I hope that this list has been helpful, and if you are planning a Georgia wedding–or even a destination affair, I would love to take you on a date! Click here to set something up.

As always, I can’t wait to hear your story.



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